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Customer Feedback


 "I just recently hit a deer on
 my motorcycle.
I slid 15 feet
 on my face, then 15 feet on
 my back, and somersaulted
The bike was a total
 loss. My watch was crushed,
 shoes ground offmy feet,
 shirt and pants destroyed
 and helmet wrecked.
In the
 hospital, I finally got a look
 at my cell phone... it only
 had a few minor scratches
 on it!

 My Nutshell case had taken
 the ENTIRE weight of my
 body sliding on hot pavement,
 and is STILL intact!!! 
I wear
 my Nutshell case on the front
 of my pants and I won't say
 what part of my anatomy
 that little case helped
 protect, but as far as I am
 concerned you have a loyal
 customer for LIFE!"

 David Parkhurst

Nutshell Testimonials
10/19/2015 1:13 PM
Future Proofing
"Your company embodies what futurist Naisbitt calls "High-tech, High-touch", i.e., that in the increasingly cold, mechanistic world we live in there is a countertrend, a counter desire; to touch and feel natural things.
I applaud you for acknowledging that need.

Steve Johnson,

9/2/2013 9:25 AM
"I've used your iPhone 4 case for years. Now I have a horizontal iPhone 5 case and there is nothing on the market like it. I have used cheaper cases and they end up being more expensive because they break. My Nutshell is one of the best investments I have made."
John Knight
Moore, OK


 Our Users are Nuts About Their Nutshells!

(These are real unsolicited customer comments and email messages from our files)

"Thank you for designing and creating a quality product. My last Nutshell lasted through seven years of daily use. There may be other cases but there are none made like a Nutshell."

John Kegarise


"The case is just what I was hoping for! I have an Evo Mesh case, smaller than the one on your site, but I thought it would work out, and it did. Even better, the Mophie Juice Pack Plus will fit with very little effort. I don’t use it all the time (long story), but I’m glad I can use this case with it. I have always wanted a belt holster as you’ve designed it: Vertical, belt loop, magnetic flap. Again, Thank you for your outstanding holster. I hope I will enjoy it for many years (and that Apple continues to offer an iPhone this size)!"

Leo V Sigman
Los Angeles

"I bought a Nutshell on Amazon but it was too small, so I am ordering this custom one instead. My sister recommended, she has 3 different Nutshells." 
Debbie Hanley
Pompano Beach, FL 


"I received the Nutshell Case today and the #290 is perfect with the iPhone 6 in a Mophie Juice Pack Air charging case. Thought I would let you know that it did the job. Thank you for your responses and attention in this matter."


 Art Von Ahnen

"Returning customer. Model 208 Nov 2004.

Outstanding durability. Belt loop finally wore through."

James ONeill
New Jersey

"Hello. I'm writing to tell you I received my case today for my iPhone 5S. Looks and fits fine. My main reason for writing is that you can see below that I ordered my first case more than 4 years ago for my 3GS and it still looks brand-new and it has served me without fail. Thanks very much for your EXCELLENT products."  

Tom Honey

"A perfect fit for the AccuChek Insight Insulin Pump

And it arrived exactly a week after shipping.  Pretty impressive, for a delivery to the other side of the world.

Thank you


"This case is AMAZING!
It will stretch slightly as the leather breaks in, and it is unbreakable. I have used mine for several years now & it looks almost new. It gets worn biking, mowing grass, working out, at work, you name it. This is hands down the best phone case & phone case maker on the market. Yes it can be snug, but that is what I want so that my phone does not fall out. I love mine & will buy more when I need to change the case."

"I have my phone and am looking to get it the utmost protection.  This is my 3rd. Nutshell for my different phones.  It is the best, especially for Mechanics.  I work for Southwest Airlines and we are always working in the passenger cabin.  From the floor to the ceiling.  The belt loop assures me that it will not snap off my belt like a clip on does.  The Velcro flap assures me that it will not slip out and fall between the seats or on the floor.  Many other Mechanics have to call to the next destination of the aircraft and ask if someone could please check the cabin, because their phone is missing.  The Nutshell is an excellent product."       

Joe Lipien
Orland Park, USA

"Thanks a lot for the awesome service. My S5 is much happier in this case than the S4 case I was trying to force it in to. I think this is about the 6th maybe more case I have got. Not fashionable according to my daughter, but totally practical for my line of work.""



"I have been a customer of yours for 6+ years now and bought 4 of your products. By this point I am a customer for life. 

Your products might be expensive but they are the best. I carry my new Samsung Galaxy S5 inside a Otterbox which is inside one of your belt cases. My iPad3 is inside the large leather sleeve of yours. My iPhone5 was 2 years old without a scratch on it.
I know people. You usually only hear from them when something is wrong. You don't hear enough from happy customers.
Well, I am taking the time to tell you that your products are the best."

Erik Anderson

New York

"I am happy to report that this order is my second case from Nutshell.

Your products are unsurpassed in the market - you are head-and-shoulders above all of your competitors.

Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and extraordinary products."

NFP Telecom, New York

"I've used your iPhone 4 case for years.
Now I have a horizontal iPhone 5 case and there is nothing on the market like it.
I have used cheaper cases and they end up being more expensive because they break.
My Nutshell is one of the best investments I have made."

John Knight
Moore, OK

"I'm a returning customer, bought a new phone so OF COURSE the first thing I have to do is buy a new holster from your company! I recommend your products to everybody. Even the Sprint store employee was impressed when I showed him my current holster... he agreed it was much better than what they were trying to sell me!"

Michael Malanga


"I received the pouch for my iPhone 5 on Friday - I think that was pretty quick.

Very impressed with the quality of the material and the workmanship. I'm pleased I ordered the belt loop and the pen holder and the elastic pocket.

The pen holder takes a Kensington combination pen (with a Parker refill) and stylus, good for both my phone and iPad mini.

While the elastic pocket is not really suitable for a bluetooth earpiece, I have put in it a cut down key that will get me into my car in an emergency, a small screen cleaning cloth and a small number of natural sweetener tablets
(Stevia) for when I'm out and about.

My iPhone 5 with a slim but not skinny case (TPU shock absorbing) is tight at present - I think of it as secure - is still easy to extract.

The nicest surprise is that the pouch and phone sit close to my body and I am barely aware that it's there.
In addition my phone without the bulky double case (good for it's purpose) is much more usable."

John McLeod


"Received the phone case this morning - awesome fit and product!!  Thank you and your team for a well made product."
Graham Hetet
New Zealand

"I just replaced my model 207 case for my Palm IIIx after 10 years of HARD use. I am a believer."

John Burch

Elmhurst, IL

I won’t purchase a new phone unless it fits my now broken in 208 Nutshell case, that’s how much I love the case !"

John Rausch

West Grove PA

"Got my case in just now.  Once again, super satisfied!  Sorry about being so anxious to receive it.  Can't help it. Gotta have my NUTSHELL!  It's the best case out there!  I refer folks to you all the time.  Expensive case......but as my father instilled in me...."You get what you pay for!"  As long as I own a cellphone, it will be in a NUTSHELL!  I'm a customer for life.  Until I get a new phone and need a new case ( Because they don't wear out). Very satisfied customer,"

Leon Monceret II

LA 70760

"Just wanted to let you know that the holster arrived yesterday and its perfect. It is as good if not better than my first two! As always I appreciate quality products, keep up the good work!"

Mark Lehrman

Director, Yeshiva University in Israel

"I've got one! They last forever!!!! "
Heber Aragao

"I love your Nutshell cases, and I have used my 6 or so Nutshell belt cases for years. Keep up the wonderful work!"
 Patrick J. Lynch

"I have three of your cases already! and they have all outlasted the phones, without any doubt the highest specification, durability, and protection for mobile phones i have seen and used and not forgetting how cool they are as a fashion accessory."
Gerard Doyle

"Bravo! Received my Nutshell case. WOW!...worth the wait. Incredible product. Workmanship shows, the leather is unmatched in the marketplace. I look forward to years of excellent service from my nutshell case."


"Thank you for making a wonderful product. My nutshell fits my rugby perfectly.  I did have to remove the D ring however.  The case fits so nicely to your side that the D ring makes its quite uncomfortable. 
I can not see how the case would come off my belt anyway, the clip seems military spec. Thanks again." 

Greg Jollie

Yardley, PA

"It's been 5 years since I bought my first Nutshell. Can't imagine not having one for my smart phone (or my wife's - she also uses one). Great product!"

Larry Garland
Plainville, MA 02762

"I own one of your Nutshell phone cases. I can't wear it out. I'm buying a new one just so I can have a new look, but my old Nutshell cases is perfectly fine. You really make the best phone cases. I think you need to market more in the US."

John Bershof

Denvor CO

"Your products have been very highly recommended to me by others."

Bob Weinstein


"Have bought two other cases from you for other phones and just love them.  Thanks."

Scott Begula


"I've had the case for over four years and it shows almost no signs of wear. It's a very good product!"
New York City

"Had my Nutshell several months now and wish I had discovered your product before spending a small fortune on another case out of which the phone fell twice within two days! I strongly recommend Nutshell."


"I bought my case eight years ago. It has outlasted three phones."



"I have placed the order. Also, I would like to add that this is the third nutshell pouch I have ordered…not because they wear out; but because my phones become obsolete first.  They never wear out.  Also the service is great!  Your customer for life,"


"I received the replacement case, thank you very much for your good customer service and great product!"




“The problem with quotes on the internet is that it's difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine.”  Abraham Lincoln


"Received the replacement pouch.  Thank you.  I don't recall the exact number but I have purchased 3-4 pouches in the past.  Not the least expensive, but definitely worth the price.  Your customer service is another plus on top of it."

Howard Langfus
Chatswood, CA 91311

" I just received my order for a Nutshell case for a Galaxy S2 fitted with a skin shell. My order was supplied very promptly, half way across the world. The case fits my phone perfectly, is beautifully made and the hide used is exceptionally supple. Amongst other things, my company manufactures high quality office seating , of which a significant percentage is in leather, so I know top quality leather and outstanding stitching when I see it. Your products are not cheap, but based on my experience they are absolutely worth the money. Thank you for exceeding my highest expectations".

William O'Brien


Sven Christiansen plc
Guildford. United Kingdom


"Just a short note to tell you I received my iPhone case today (Monday, Oct.3, 2011).  It appears to have been perfectly made. Mine is the natural russet. It'll be fun watching it gradually darken to be my own unique personal case."

Dale Schmidt
Indianapolis, IN

I just wanted to say that I love my nutshell! I have had it for 7 years, and it has seen me through 2 generations of Palm Treo and the iphone3, and is still going strong! I plan to replace it for the iphone5, but only because the iphone is a bit small for the case that was fit for the 1st gen Treo- the case is still in great condition! Thanks for the best phone case I have ever had (and the only one I have needed for 7 years!)

Elizabeth Longmier
Madison, WI,
United States

"I love the nutshell case for my iPhone 4. I will definitely buy another one from your company when the iPhone 5 comes out. It is absolutely top notch quality and thanks."






"This is my third Nutshell case. Totally satisfied with your cases."

Mike Canant
Albuquerque, NM 87123
United States

"Love your quality and craftsmanship. Refreshing in a world dominated by china crap."

Jonathan Ward
Van Nuys, CA


"My wife works as an R.N. at Disneyland in Guest Services. She needs to carry a second set of glasses, and your Soft Leather Belt Case for Eyeglasses was the perfect solution. It works like a charm; fits within the costume guidelines imposed by Disney; protects her valuable glasses in all conditions. My heartfelt thanks for producing such a fine product, and for shipping it so fast!"

Michael Craft

Vista CA,USA


"Your products are amazing! I've never had something last as long and be as useful as one of your cases. It's worth every penny that you charge, and I always point people towards your site if they are looking for cases."

Matt Dinsmore
Raleigh, North Carolina

"You're the greatest and I'll be keeping the case (my 5th or 6th from you)."

Evan Phillip Freed

Redondo Beach, CA



"Got the case a couple of weeks ago and just wanted you to know I really like it and am impressed with the workmanship and quality was worried about the belt clip instead of loops but the clip is great and works better than the loops would have."
Bob Fox

"I found this by Internet search using Yahoo. Worried about losing my iphone, I was very glad to find this case which looks to be similar to the one I used for years in keeping my old phone safe through all kinds of events and weather."

Thanks, TH

Toms Garage

Jacksonville FL


"I finally purchased and received my new nutshell (I'd say replacement nutshell, but the old one hasn't actually died, I just needed a different size). It's gorgeous! It's been years since I ordered the first one but the quality is exactly as good as before. Thumbs up yet again for the best cases in the world"

Adam Sablich

"I may be a bad customer, but only because your nutshell is so amazing.

I bought my first and only shell nearly 4 years ago when I got my first large smartphone. Since then, I've owned no less than 6 more smartphones, each one slightly different dimensions and configurations. However, the nutshell, because the leather is so wonderfully pliable yet firm, stretched and re-configured itself to fit ALL of them. Each time I purchased a new phone, I visited your site and thought about what features I might put into my new shell, then I realized after a few days that the case had become a perfect fit. Last week I finally upgraded to a phone with drastically different dimensions and realized that I was definitely going to need a new shell. In the meantime I've glued some soft foam into the inside of my current nutshell to fit the new device, but a new one is on the way! I LOVE NUTSHELLS!"


Adam Sablich,


Your search for the perfect case has ended...or more properly titled "why I buy nutshell cases compared to other cheaper cases".

"As we all know the adage, you get what you pay for, well this is clearly seen in Nutshell cases. 

I learned long ago, if you want some silly elastic case, a silicone case that you can't really put anywhere comfortably, or a monster hunk of plastic with rotating joints you don't need that screams cheap geek, then by all means run to your local mega-mart and get that silly case, it will probably work quite well. 

However, if you want something that looks professional, is quality oriented, fits perfectly and will last - then you need Nutshell. 

Need nutshell you ask?  Well, I have had a Nutshell case for over 10 years, it works perfectly, looks great, and just plain oozes professionalism.  I can easily go out for dinner, or to my clients and look professional.  My phone is protected (I have run occasionally and it never jumps out of its case), it has never fallen out of my belt loop, and it has lasted forever. 

I am buying a new one today, because I need a new size.  The folks at Nutshell go out of their way to make sure my order is perfect."

S. Kramer
Chicago, IL


"I am very happy with the "Nutshell" case I purchased for my Deltec Cozmo.The belt clip and magnetic flap are fantastic.
The case is well worth the price. Will be be telling my friends about products and site."

Tom Millar

New Zealand

"Just received my insulin pump, and there isn't a case I trust more than one of your nutshells. Thanks for such a great product." 

Chris Massa



"Hi there i received my insulin pump case wed, its really good, i certainly will be passing your web site on to other diabetics."

Helen Reid


"I purchased a tuff-as-nuts case for my new Motorola Android.  Even without a cover strap the case holds the phone securely, and the belt loops keep the phone nice and tight against my hip.  I will probably not buy another cell phone unless I can get a “tuff-as-nuts” case for it."

Donald Tong
Redondo Beach, USA

"Received the item today and was very impressed with it.

At last, there is someone out there who has the sense to make an iPhone pouch to also factor in a protective case.

The website is easy to use and the service/delivery is impeccable.

You are a LEGEND.

The Nutshell Company should be more visible because I am sure there are heaps of people out there looking for smart, quality products.

Thank you.

Gaik NG

"I just wanted to take a second to let you know how satisfied I am with your products. 

I have just purchased my third phone case from Nutshell and not because any of them have worn out or needed replacing.  My first case was for a Blackberry. When I went to the iPhone I got a new case for it and I recently lost that case (due to my own neglect, not because it slipped off my belt or anything).

This will be my third case from Nutshell because I know how tough these cases are.  I have tried numerous other case but they have all failed, as I am pretty hard of a phone case.  I am a Deputy Sheriff for a Metro Atlanta County and I am assigned to the Mounted Patrol Unit so just a regular day at the barn can be pretty rough on a case. 

I highly recommend these cases to any public safety personnel or anyone who needs a case that will stand up to anything. Thank you again Nutshell for the outstanding quality and attention to detail, it is truly unsurpassed."


AG Campbell

Georgia, USA

"I have been a customer for over two years and I must say that your products and workmanship is the best I have ever used. If you want or need a testimonial from me you have it..

Keep up the good work..."


Mike Turetsky

New Jersey

"The case arrived today and fits the Zi8 like it was made for it--I couldn't be happier.  

Many thanks!"


Richard George
Florence MA


"This message is long overdue, but I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product.

I'm probably pushing 2 years since I received the case for my Iphone; without question it is the best phone case that I've ever owned.

I'm an industrial electrical contractor, & daily wear my phone in a variety of harsh environments. It is non-the-worse for wear & tear........I can easily see several (at the very least) more years of use left in it.

On top of this I'm an avid motor cyclist, & have no fear of my phone bouncing down the interstate when I ride.

GREAT, GREAT, GREAT product!!!



William Dean
North Carolina

"Perhaps this is not a very up to date testimonial.  After all, it's many years since I got my Nutshell belt holster case (for a thick c1999 Handspring Visor PDA, no less).  But it's still going strong, the stitching is like new, the Velcro still sticks fine and apart from a few very gentle scuffs, it looks like new.  The belt clip has never let go once.  What's more, it sits so close to my waist I can wear it while driving and it doesn't clash with the seat belt.

A couple of years back I got a second, smaller case for my new phone, and that has now outlived the phone itself.  In fact I chose my next phone based on the requirement that it had to fit my Nutshell.  Again, it looks like new and has never fallen  off my belt once.

Keep up the good work - I continue to tell everyone who asks exactly where my indestructible cases came from."

David Griffin, Cardiff, UK

"My Nutshell has disappeared!  Into the background, I mean.

I think I first heard about Nutshell from Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools site.  My interest was aroused by descriptions of the quality of construction, etc, and I decided to order one.  Being a "quality professional" of many years standing, I was expecting to be impressed by the product, and as I usually do, spend a fair amount of time admiring the quality of the construction etc.

Well, the Nutshell arrived, and it was as good, or better than I expected.  I put my phone in it and hooked it on to my belt....and that was the last time I really "saw" it. 

If you asked me how it is holding up, or whether it was coming apart, I honestly could not tell you. 

All I know is, my phone is always there when I need it, and the phone is in a lot better shape than my phones usually are at this stage of their life. 

The Nutshell case is presumably holding up well - I don't really notice it.  When I need my phone, or when it rings, I just grab it out of the case, and return it to the case when I am done.  This can be done with one hand even blindfolded. Because I have the magnetic version, this is accomplished in almost perfect silence. 

And this, I think, is the real beauty of the Nutshell.  It just does what it is supposed to do, without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. 

A bit like me, come to think of it."

Ashraf Ahamat


"I received the Blackberry Tour case today and the fit and finish is perfect! The magnet position also works well. Another stellar product from Nutshell."

Matt McGinnis
San Ramon,

"I love your cases, I have purchased a few from you in the past (for my Treo 650). I really Like the "D" ring, as I put a strap (from a camera) and hook it around my belt, and even when the clip comes off my belt, the phone and case just dangle because of the added security of the "D" ring. I wouldn't own any other case. Thanks, "

Jack Stephan
Adee Plumbing and Heating
LA  90043

"Just a quick note to let you know that iphone nut arrived compliments of DHL looking lovely and secure and very happy to take up residence in Yokine. After scouring the shops in Perth for something even half decent and finding nothing, there was no choice left but to invest in a nutshell. The clip is the best thing I have ever seen and the leather you use smells wonderful and just wants to be touched. It is a really great design. You would do the iphone world a favour if more people knew about you.I started off with a Palm 1000 and have had about 20 in between and have tried them all (Belkin, Vaja, Sena etc) and not one of them come close to yours."

Jacqueline Smith


"I just received my order today--a PDA pouch for the iPhone, and I simply wanted to thank you. This is the third product I have ordered from you, and it seems your quality continues to improve. You do not have the orange Nutshell tag anymore, and I am of mixed feelings. I even cut off  Levis tags, but I did keep yours on before. I suppose I will just have to make sure people know who makes it! Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, and I appreciate you making my move to the Dark Side easier (moving from Palm to Apple)."

Richard Tanner
Reno, Nevada


"Just received my iphone case.  Great piece of kit.  Great service too - exactly as described and arrived really quickly. Many thanks"


Robert Purves
United Kingdom


"I was stunned to find my case in my mail today!  One week from NZ to Mississippi USA by conventional means!  I am very pleased with the quality of the case and the speed of completion. Thank You,"


Mike Carlisle



"Again I am writing you to say firstly, thanks so very,very much for your time,patience and customer consideration extended to me on my order request.I have the imate jasjar and have purchased now my second  case for this unit from you, and love each one. I just received my crocodile black case from you on /8/08 and its the more than I thought it would be. Your case creations should be placed within the boxes of all the high end selling pda/phones.your cases puts those that arrive with the purchased units to shame. Thank you so much for being who you are,how you are and for creating a case that looks like what i paid for this expensive jasjar. A case like yours brings any instrument to life making it look more exclusive than it actually is. These cases are more than just a pretty face, they fully protect my precious purchase. You do indeed set standards so many others has yet to follow."


Harry Bolden

"I just recently hit a deer on my motorcycle.I slid 15 feet on my face, then 15 feet on my back, and somersaulted twice. The bike was a total loss. My watch was crushed, shoes ground off my feet, shirt and pants destroyed and helmet wrecked.In the hospital, I finally got a look at my cell phone... it only had a few minor scratches on it!My Nutshell case had taken the ENTIRE weight of my body sliding on hot pavement, and is STILL intact!!!! I wear my Nutshell case on the front of my pants and I won't say what part of my anatomy that little case helped protect, but as far as I am concerned you have a loyal customer for LIFE!"


David Parkhurst


"I am writing you to tell you what a wonderful experience I had purchasing my Nutshell case for the iPhone.  From the very polite and helpful person who answered my questions (and a late change-order) to the timely delivery and excellent quality of the product - top rate. This is the third case I have purchased for my iPhone and the only one that has held up to daily use.  all of the others have failed in one way or another...the clip is excellent!  The leather just gets better looking with use & holds its shape very well.  Thank you for a wonderful product! I suppose that the only reason I would need another one is if I were to lose this one (it's very well made & I don't expect it to wear out)  but I would order from you again without even considering other options." 


Rick Marchus




"The first thing I did after ordering my iphone 3G was go to the Nutshell website to order a case for it.  The belt case arrived today and I am still waiting on my iphone.This is my fifth case from Nutshell and I know there are not any cases with a better build quality and life expectancy than yours.I just wanted you to know that the case I just received is truly a functional work of art and I am very grateful that you do what you do so well.Thanks for making such a superlative product, offering it a fair price and taking shipping speeds and customer service seriously.  You have earned my business for many years to come."


Jay Kidwell

 "I just upgraded from the Palm TX and separate cell phone to the Palm Treo.As an RN, I use programs on my Palm daily, and was sick to death of carrying two devices. One of the first things I did after getting the phone was order a Treo case from you. Singularly the best product case out there.Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"


Ami Ratti RN
New York

 "My iPod Touch case arrived today. Must tell you that the workmanship is exceptional, absolutely love it."


Glen Kurtz



"I received your case for my Canon G9 yesterday and it's wholly as you claim. Beautifully built, it's sturdy and fits the camera perfectly. Very pleased. Just what I needed. Thanks."


Gary Otteson




"I received the case for my wife's iTouch last week, and the case for my iPhone today. They are beautiful. I have purchased three other cases in the past (two for the ipaq and one for a Treo), and I have loved them all. Keep up the good work. It is so hard to find quality like this in the regular "Retail World"."

Jonathan W. Snell
San Marcos, Texas

"After breaking my first Palm Centro telephone within a week, I recognized that a generic case was inadequate. After some extensive research, I ordered a Nutshell case, custom-made to fit the Centro, with a two-way belt loop and a velcro strap. Problem solved-the case holds my phone, securely and flat against my belt, and the velcro strap permits quick and easy access at any time, even in a seated position in a car. The custom Nutshell case is THE most functional and elegant way to carry a telephone. So I bought two more cases to give to my friends!"


Scott Russell


"I still have the original carry pouch that I purchased for my Palm, (in 2005) and it has held up absolutely fantastically!  Since my Palm died a sorry death over a year ago I have moved my Nutshell belt pouch into the exalted position of carrying my cell phone, and I am quite happy to say that I've never once had my cell accidentally fall off during the course of my day.  As a facilities manager that is often often having to get into tight places, both high and low, I am always thankful I made that original purchase!"


Roderick Johnson


"I just got my case for the treo 755p with the skin and extended battery fit. This is the best case I have ever and I mean ever bought. I would like to let everybody know how I feel. I feel this case was made just for me its a one of a kind. The clip is the best the full flap is the greatest. Anyone like me looking for a wallet type case this is it. I bought my case with a pocket and so far I have 5 credit cards in it with no problem with it closing. This case is greattttttttttttttttttttttttttt."


Anissa Bane


" I thought the service I received when I ordered my first phone case was in excess of a 100% but the trouble that Ian has gone to in the case of the Telecom Okta exceeds any expectations that anyone could have. I am looking forward to being able to dump the stupid case supplied with the phone You guys are tops"

Ray McKirdy


"I just wanted to let you know I recieved my replacement case today. It is PERFECT. I absolutely love it. I spent quite a bit of time researching other products before ordering from you, and yours by far surpasses anything I have found. Dealing with your customer service staff is a buyer's dream. Thank you so much!!!"

Amy Ratti
New York

"Re: Case for the cozmo insulin pump.


My son was going thru insulin pump cases, sold by Smith Medical specifically for the cozmo pump, on a monthly basis.   
The stitching would get unraveled.  The belt clips ripped thru the leather.  The plastic clips, themselves, were breaking in half.  This was causing a lot of wear and tear on his $5000 pump. 

Because I was under the impression that I would have to buy new cases often, I felt like the price for the nutshell case was somewhat high, but we needed to try something different.  When we first got the new case, it was very stiff and didn�t really fit the pump very well.  I thought maybe I had made a mistake.  After a few weeks, the leather changed shape to the point that it now fits the pump like a glove.  He has worn it with the pump for almost a year now and the leather, stitching and belt clip look brand new (not to mention the fact that it has protected his pump).  It is very gratifying to actually buy something that is not only worth the money, but does what is was made to do.   The nutshell case has paid for itself many times over.


Great craftsmanship and quality!

Thank very much."


Jeff Brust


"I am writing you in reference to the full flap leather case I received for my imate jasjar, After purchasing from so very many on-line vendors trying to find the RIGHT case for my imate jasjar and ending up with cases that were extremely bulky and some very flimsy, nothing near that was advertised. However, I must say, my case arrived today and was exactly what I had in mind and was true to its advertisement.not only are your cases true to word, to go along with the wonderful case, a customer receives stellar customer support to boot. no matter how many questions i ask, i was given considerable consideration and courteous which i do so appreciate. nutshell i feel stes standards others need to follow in support as well as products. I was'nt passed around when i had questions, my questions were well answered.thanks for being who and how you are,happy holidays "


Harry Bolden

"You guys make a great product, this is the second nutshell I will own. First was for a Palm TX, this one is for a Treo. Belt clip is super solid. You guys are the only company on the globe that understands the need for such a clip. Keep up the good work."

Kevin Kram
Seattle, WA


"My iPhone is well protected with the Nutshell I have - this is a quality product that will last and look good. I love it!"


Steve Simms


I received the case this past Wednesday (9/12) and just wanted you to know that I appreciate such wonderful service.  The quality of the product received meets my need and exceeds my expectations. 

Pat Abney 

This is my fourth Nutshell case.  There's nothing better!

Michael Gilliam

The fit and finish on the case is second to none. These cases are truly the best investment to protect my toys. I cannot say enough good things about them.

Chris Dollmont

I find this unbelievable! I ordered a case on  June 7 to my specifications, and received it on the 14th. From New Zealand to the US! Thank you, it is perfect.
Ted Freedman
Marlborough MI

Hello, I just got your case after just one week! From the other end of the world to Germany. Can't tell you how pleased I am with this case.A few more words of praise, if you want to use them in your Customer Comments, go ahead! I've seen some testimonials from Europe, none from Germany, so let your prospective customers from here know what to expect!

1) A superb quality case justifying the cost. Not known in Germany at all.

2)Non-bulkiest case ever. As a non-professional, elderly woman it is not so usual to go about with a PDA, yours is so sleek that I can well carry it on my belt, under my pullover or tshirt without it too much bulging. This is a matter of style!

3)Safe carrying, it does not slip from the waistband, security!

4)The carrying strap makes it possible for me to have my PDA on me even if I wear a dress, versatility! Thank you ever so much for a wonderful product.

Petra Hoffman

Just had to tell ya how pleased I am with your product.  I've had my PDA holster now for, gosh I guess it's gotta be seven years.  Still looks good and I'm buying a new one because I'm tired of the same color.  Great job. Great quality from 'down under.'  Thanks and feel free to use this testimonial if you care to.

Wrren Morrisett
Bronx, NY

"I purchased a case for my old Treo 180 from you a few years ago and it has outlasted my last 3 PDAs! You make great products. Keep up the good work,"

Greg Reimer
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Received,a very Professional unique piece of art,it is not just a business
it is a treasure,thank you"

Dr. Joseph Grigis,

"I really like your cases and have two: One for my Treo 650 and one for myPalm Tungsten T3. I've was carrying my T3 and my new iPAQ hw6945, since my Treo 650 is now up for sale. I decided to check and low and behold... The hw6945 fits in the T3 case perfectly! So, I'll be ordering another T3 case for my hw6945 iPAQ.

My Treo 650 case has accompanied me to Hungary, France, Spain, Thailand, Nepal, China plus every day here in the States. It's functioned perfectly and protected my Treo so much so that it still looks new even though your case is showing the wonderful patina of a well made, well aged saddle.

Great product and I'll keep buying from Tuff-as-Nuts! "

Bill Sprague
Hagerstown, MD

"Package received, and I LOVE it. Such nice leather."

Stephen Orel
New York

"I usually only read about this kind of service!"

Garrett Huxall
Los Angeles

"Best bloody PDA case I have ever owned. AND it never falls off my belt. Many thanks."

Robert Goldweber

"This isn't just any tote; this is a Gucci among a sea of knockoffs (no I don't know anything about handbags, although my daughter does).

They are hitting their target market square on the nose, high-end business men/women who need all day computing in style."

Darin Grey
Read the full review

"I just received my Nutshell case for my Palm Treo 700w. In a "nutshell" it's just what I wanted.

A sturdy, close fitting, visually appealing and functional case.

Thank you."

Sean Davis

"The Nutshell case arrived today - not only is it simply gorgeous, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the strap matches the "custom "color/finish of the case? Very nice. Thanks for your help and a lovely and unique product."

Donna Gary-Gogerty

"I want to tell you that I have been extremely happy with my Nutshell case and to explain why I'm ordering a new one. I think I've owned the original case for about three years, and I carry it everywhere I go. Consequently it had begun to wear a little but was still in pretty good shape until the accident.

I went out to the car this afternoon for a quick errand and realized I'd forgotten my wallet.

I set my computer (in its Nutshell case) on top of the car and ran back in for my wallet. I was in a hurry.

I ran back outside, jumped in the car and drove away. I was going 35 miles an hour when the computer finally fell off the top of the car.

I heard it bounce off the trunk lid, looked in the rear view mirror and watched it land almost flat on the road and skid for at least 100 feet before coming to a stop in the on-coming lane.

Immediately, I hit the brakes and made a quick U-turn.

Switching on my emergency flashers I raced back to the computer where it lay in the road and stopped in front of it so no one could run over it.

Then my son jumped out, ran around the car and scooped up the case off the tar road.

The case was scuffed pretty badly, but believe it of not, the computer was unharmed!

Thanks for a really tough case!

It just saved me close to a thousand dollars and untold headaches finding a replacement for my computer, which has been out of production for several years."

Frank Hartranft

"Far and away the best belt case I have ever used, for any purpose. Unreservedly recommended."

Damien Toman
Chief Technology Officer

"This makes my third PALM for me, and two for gifts...incredibly well made and appreciated by receiver! "

Mary Haislip
Shelbyville, TN 37160

"I felt I just had to write to you so I could complain about my PDA case.

Yeah right, I can't think of a bad thing to say about the PDA case I bought from you 5 years ago.

It is not to often in life that one feels they really get a outstanding deal when buying something.
I have found this to be especially true when buying PDA's or software and paraphernalia for them.
Over the last 10 years I have owned just about every type PDA and quite a few different cases for them, that is until I bought a case from your company.
I have never looked back and never looked for any other type of case.
You people really know how to run a business. I can think of several hundred companies that could learn a thing or two from you.
Anyway the main reason I am writing you this email is to let you know how totally thrilled I have been with my PDA case and to tell you I think it is about time for me to retire it and get a new one. I will be placing an order as soon as I get done writing this email to get a new case for my Palm Life Drive.
The old one still is in working condition after 5 years of HARD use but it is starting to show it's age. The little hooks on the Velcro strap are just about gone and the stitching on one of the corners is starting to come loose. I almost feel bad that I have not bought a new case before now.
I'm thinking that if you guys make such good products that one only needs to replace them every five years maybe you need the business.... (laughin)
So here's a round of applause to you and all that work at Nutshell.
Keep up the good work."

Customer for life
Jim Hilton

"I received my Nutshell today (10 days from date of order) and I love it! It's exactly what I wanted - just enough character to be a little different. It fits my Blackberry 7100g (new Cingular Wireless model) justfine. When the phone croaks I'll use the case for something else for the next 20 years or so."

Andy Crabb
Baltimore, MD

"The replacement case arrived today and it is perfect! Thank you ever so much. I wish everyone had customer service as great as yours!"


"I recently received a replacement for my defective first-generation Treo 650 case. I just wanted to thank you for your superlative customer service. I don't know if I'm more impressed with the speed with which you corrected the design flaw or how fast you got a new one to me. The new design is MUCH easier on the buttons and you have a customer for life!"

Bob Tuchler
Denver, CO

"I received the replacement. It was PERFECT, and worth all the trouble. My Palm is indespensible to me, and nobody protects it like Nutshell."

Lance Murray

"Awsome! I just got my nutshell today and my Treo 650 now feels at home and protected unlike the first 10 days of it's life where it was exposed and unprotected in a dangerous world. My first impression upon opening the package--beautiful!"

Jim Gurr
Gilbert, Arizona

"I have been meaning to let you all know how thrilled I am with the Nutshell® case I ordered for my Treo 650! I am very picky about cases as are many technophiles, and I could not be happier with my purchase. I ordered it with a special thread and you still got it shipped super fast. I have been using it for about a week and I am just grateful to have found this case first. It is high quality construction, great craftsmanship (which really matters to me) and good value for the money I spent on it. This will surely not be my last gadget, and in turn this will surely not be my last Nutshell. I will highly recommend it to my friends. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, "

Dan Greco
Omaha, Nebraska U.S.A

"I received my order in 8 days and was really pleased at the prompt service. The product is high quality and exactly what I was looking for. I had searched over 100 sites looking for a case to fit my pocket pc/cell phone. Thank you so much. If I need anything else of this nature I will check your website first."

Bambi Shippert
Platte City, MO

"I just want to say I love, love, love this case, I have looked at 50 different cases/holsters and bought a total of 6 cases/holsters for my treo 650 and either gave away or returned every one of them.

Here are the benefits of this case:

1) Extremely well made, I could see this case lasting 10 years
2) It is good looking (most cases look silly and cheap)
3) It is easy to take the phone on/off of the hip, easier than any case I've ever used.
4) You dont need to take the case off when sitting in a snug seat (usualy when you get in a car you set the phone where you can get to it quick and with most cases you take the case clip off your hip because its uncomfortable when it presses against you, not the Nutshell® case, you forget its even there)
5) You have zero fear of the phone coming out of the case or the case coming apart (I wouldnt jog in the park with any case but a nutshell)
6) The case keeps the phone close to your body (so many cases stick the phone out so far because the case is so fat you look like your hidding a fax under your shirt)

I was sceptical when I saw the cases on the nutshell website, I was worried I wouldnt like the way the case looked when I got it but I was very pleasently surprised, it was better looking than all the other cases.

James Ritter
Shawnee, KS

"Simply an outstanding product. I received my Treo 600 leather case from Nutshell® this weekend and it surpassed all my expectations. It's slim, but strong, with excellent leather craftmanship. I know where I'll be getting all my PDA cases from now on. "

Russ Duenow
Prairie du Sac, WI

"My Tungsten T5 case arrived a week or so ago. All of your posted testimonials are right on the mark: this is one elegant case. It has that personal feel of a fine wallet. It's much nicer than any other case that I've seen. I love it!!"

Martin Weinberg
Pelham, MA

"The Nutshell® arrived. It's perfect! I have a 28' sailboat and really have worried about other holsters and holders I have; I have not felt secure with my Kyocera 7135 when aboard with them. I don't think I need worry with the Nutshell. Kudos to you! "

Jas Adams
Portland, OR

"It just arrived. Nice! That's what I needed."

Duane Smith
Louisville, CO

"Thanks again for a great product."

Jay Maggi
McDonough, GA

"My Nutshell® slipcase arrived a couple of days ago, and I am delighted with it. It's exactly what I wanted, and beautifully made. Thank you very much."

Clytie Siddall -- Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia

"Got the case. I like it so much I've just ordered a second one. I'm impressed with the quality of your product and your service. Thanks. So rare these days. Have a great day."

Allan Parachini

"Wow!!! Order on Thursday - Arrives on the next Wednesday. Can't get any better than that. Many thanks, and keep it up."

Alistair James
University of Oxford

"I recently bought a pouch from you. I have been looking for this pouch for a number of years and happened upon your site. I was so overjoyed that after all this time I finally found the pouch made "exactly" the way I always envisioned. Perfect in every way and the quality is "second to none!!" Thankyou for ending my search with the best built pouch on the market."

Randy Jolliff
Poulsbo, WA

"Received your product, and it looks great. Perfect fit for my Treo 600, and it's much more comfortable than the standard Handspring case. Thank you!"

Craig J Campbell
Olathe, KS

"Amazing craftsmanship on this case for my iPAQ pda. One of the best purchases I've made this year. If tactical law enforcement carries PDA's, they will use the Nutshell. Classy and rugged, my PDA is holstered at my side and ready to go whenever I need it. Thanks a lot. I will only buy cases from your company."

Michael C.

"I received it over the weekend and I will say that this is the best case I have had so far for my Palm T3. It is sleek and stylish and professionally made. Being as picky as I am I must say that I was impressed when I received it. I will definitely recommend your item to others."

Jeff Pearson
Beyond Computers

"I was surprised and delighted and delighted by the quality of your company. Not only in the finish of the product for my T-Moble PDA telephone, but also in the service, six thousand miles to Tucson, Arizona in a day and a half. Thank you,"

John Lyman

"I ordered the 222 case with belt loop, because I was afraid that, with a belt clip, the case would come off my belt accidentally. The case arrived today with a belt clip. I've spent the past 15 minutes trying to make the case "accidentally" come off my belt. I guess you know what I need better than I do - I might be able to tear my belt, but the case won't come off accidentally. It comes off quite easily when I deliberately take it off. The workmanship and material is excellent - well worth the price. I'll be glad to recommend your firm to anyone who asks, and you may quote me. Again, thank you very much not only for a product that's unique and for a superbly produced product, but for reading my subconscious thoughts."

Al Klein
New York, USA

"I rarely e:mail back a company that I purchased something from, but your product is fantastic! One really never knows what the quality will be when purchasing something via the internet."

Jeff Washburn
Director-Special Projects
High End Systems

"Just a short mail to thank you for the quick service I recieved from your company, and the excellent product I received. The Holster is perfect and my wife is very pleased with it. Many Thanks,"

Alistair James

"I'd really like to commend you on the high quality design of your products : a car ran over my phone and only the screen was damaged - when you consider the weight of the car I must say it's an achievement :) ....I always kept it with the screen towards the back.... but I mean a car ran over the poor thing, I'm just surprised (happy) that I didn't find it flat"

Kurt Paris

"I bought the Nutshell® Treo 600 with belt loop case, and it arrived very quickly. I love it! There's one problem, however. Unlike my prior case, yours is so comfortable (I wear it horizontal) that I usually forget I'm wearing my Treo 600! Thus, I often forget to take it out and charge it! Before, when it was uncomfortable to sit with my old case, it was easy to remember to charge it :) Thanks for a wonderful case!"

Stan Sieler
Executive Vice President
Allegro Consultants, Inc.

"I just wanted you to know that I did order my case back in November and I had it in my hand one week from the day I ordered it. I am so happy with the case. It has met my needs perfectly and the materials are very high quality. The clip is very tight so I don't have any worries about the phone falling off my pocket where I ususally clip it. I used to have a bad habit of dropping my phone but since I have the Kyocera I have been extremely careful because of the glass screen and the price tag !"

Cindi Thorell

"I just received a Nutshell® #205, which I ordered last Friday, 7-November, 2003. It was delivered very quickly, and I am very happy with the product. It is very high quality and durable. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and getting it delivered so quickly."

Irwin Deutsch
Universal TV Distribution

"The Pocket PC case is absolutely stunning! Even the lanyard looks great! You folks do marvelous work! I will definitely recommend you. What a serendipitous find! "

TenBroeck Patterson,
Watertown, MA, USA

"Just to let you know how pleased I am with my new Nutshell.A simple and very effective design and very well made,in short it works! Not only that but it arrived on my doorstep in the UK in only four days! Brilliant. Thanks for a great product."

Mark White

"I recently purchased a Treo 300 and I've been searching for the "right" case for it. I wanted something that was well made, functionalble, and attractive. Until I found your site, I didn't think that case existed. I ordered your case and couldn't be happier! It is everything anyone could ask for in a case! Thank you very much."

Mark L. Wright
Beverly Hills, CA

"My Nutshell® PDA Case was excellent. It is the best belt loop case I have ever had. Thanks"

John Meyer

"I received my nutshell case last week and it is an outstanding product! It fits my Treo 300 like a glove, is easy to use and looks great. Thanks for delivering such a quality product! "

James P. Alampi
Alampi & Associates, LLC

"I don't think I've ever done business with a company like Nutshell. To have 3 replies from one complaint note is the ultimate in service. And then, just when I was wondering how I'd get along without it while awaiting the replacement, I find that the replacement is already in the mail, that I've got a month to get the old one back to you and, if that wasn't enough, that you'd warn me before charging me credit card. All I can say is "wow", I want my friends to know about you folks.
Thank you, thank you, thank you"

Jerry Lipsky

"I am very pleased to learn it's already on it's way. That's amazing and very much in line with what I read on your web site. In a time where customer service is a cornerstone of business success, you truly are an exceptional. I know that I will be ordering from you again soon."

Albert Hreha

"I just wanted to say that the Nutshell® holster for my Tungsten T has finally arrived in Spain. It is exactly what I wanted, and well worth the money. Thank you so much for making these - I may very well just HAVE to have the 202 as well. I will start saving my money !"

Robin Adshead

"I I just wanted to thank you for the Nutshell® case that I just received. It is awesome. My wife even loved it and that is even more cool. Thanks a bunch. I love it. Jesus loves you guys!!" - John 3:16

Rob Kellogg
Penfield, NY

"I just received my "Nutshell" holster case for my new Sony Clie' NZ90. I just Love it!! My Clie fits in the case Perfectly! The quality and workmanship are "First Class"! I congratulate you and your company for producing such a Fine product! I have purchased and used PDA cases from other companies. For me, your case wins "Hands Down"! Great Job! Keep up the good work!"

Jim Kimbrough
Washington, D.C USA

"Thank you for my new Nutshell! I received it two days ago and it fits so well I almost don't know it's there and the look, feel and construction is supurb! I have a Handspring Treo 300 that I used to carry in a swinging belt clip that you find for standard phones...a really poor beltline holder for a PDA sized device. I recommend this to anyone considering purchase of a nice leather case. The $57 bucks may seem like a lot, but then again, how many of the cheezy, plastic belt clips are you going to go through at $24?? I've gone through 3 in less than a year!
Thanks again Nutshell!"

Tualatin, Oregon USA

"I just received my Nutshell® 201 case and in general am extremely happy with it. Great value, and even better, Made in New Zealand.

I am unhappy with the design of the belt clip, as my previous experience with these is that they are usually removable, not fixed. I did see that your site describes the belt clip as fixed, but I would have preferred the detachable variety. Anyway, it's not a showstopper, but for future reference suggest you might want to consider this. Also, I'm not quite sure what purpose the D-ring serves - could you explain? To me, it's added bulk.

I posted a review of the case on "PocketPC" and "PocketPC" and it is as follows:

The following are my comments and impression of the Nutshell® 201 holster case. I have no affiliation with Nutshell, don't know their principals or management, and have not been given any inducement to write this review.
II just received my 201 holster case (belt clip version) from the Nutshell® Corp in New Zealand. I ordered it on Sun AM on 09 Feb from Huntington Beach, CA, and it arrived FROM NEW ZEALAND on Thu 13 Feb by airmail. Excellent, prompt service. Total cost was $49.95 US, ($49.95 + 8.00 shipping) including shipping by airmail.

1. Fit and finish:

The 201 case has a very snug fit, yet it's very easy to remove the 1910 when needed. The case interior has a felt-like material on both sides to guard against any scratches to the 1910. Since the 1910 doesn't have a screen cover, this was important to me. The case is secured by a flap that attaches to the front of the case by velcro. It'is also very snug and doesn't leave any gaps, etc. I've had cases from Piel Frama, Vaja, the Pouch, etc. and all had slight problems with the fit. This one doesn't - it's as close to perfect as you'll get in a case of this design.

The exterior was finished in a non-gloss black leather. I know some folks in New Zealand who've commented that many leather products there are made with the same type of leather that is used in kid's shoes: tough and durable, yet attractive in terms of look and feel. Anyway, the quality of construction - I tend to be finnicky about marks or scratches on new items - was flawless and of very high quality.

Note: although I opted for black leather, other colors are available, including a cool camoflauge case for those of us with connections to the military.

This doesn't feel or look like some cheaply-made case from the 3rd World (but sold at US prices) - it's of the same quality as Piel-Frama, Vaja, but without the shiny leather look that, though attractive, is easily scratched and often doesn't do much to protect the PPC.

2. Protection from drops, bumps, etc.

The case has a semi-rigid front to protect the screen, and the back is protected against drops by the presence of the belt clip and another semi-rigid backing. The sides are protected by a stiff seam that joins the front and back, and there is a small gap around the bottom of the case to prevent the edge of the 1910 from being dinged. In all, the protection is very good and should guard against the times I knock the PPC off my desk and similar hazards.

3. Size and weight:

This case measures 4.5 x 3.0 x .675" - very compact, and barely any larger than the 1910. It weighs less than 2 oz, so the total weight with the 1910 in it's less than 6.5 oz - less than my Jornada 568 without a case. It can fit in my jeans pocket, or be used with the belt-clip without adding much weight or bulk. Given the size/weight of the 1910, it's hardly noticeable. The lack of a "puffy" cover and other superfluous materials are a big plus.

4. Belt loop/clip

The 201 case has a metal clip with a D-ring attached to it. It can be attached to one's belt for the "geek look" or the D-ring can be used with a shoulder strap - not that I've ever seen this done in California. The clip is embedded in the case and cannot be removed; neither can the D-ring.

This is the one item I'm less than thrilled with. Although I like the functionality this provides is great, there are times I want to carry the PPC and case in my pocket and it would be nice if the belt clip were detachable, as is my mobile phone case. There is another version of the case - the 202 - that features a leather belt loop, but this tends - from previous experience - to stretch the case and isn't ideal, either. So, my remarks to Nutshell® Corp. will include a suggestion that they revisit the design of their belt loop and clip. It needs a bit of work.

5. Conclusion and Recommendation

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this case. The fit and finish are exactly what I'd hope for, and the design of the cases provides more than adequate protection against bumps, dings and scratches. The size is just about right, with the notable exception of the non-removable belt clip. I'm not sure that the D-ring is necessary, but that's only my opinion.

I strongly recommend this case to anyone who's looking for functionality in a compact package, as well as a high-quality leather case to protect the investment made in one's PPC."

Bernie Torbik
Huntington Beach,

"This will be my third Nutshell!!! Everytime I try a new PDA I look at a ton of cases....I've considered the Vajas, the E&B's, and the Rhinoskins plus a ton of other smaller companies..but everytime I come back to Nutshell. So when I decided to try the new Ipaq 1910, I looked you guys up and sure enough you make a case for it!! The Nutshell® PDA case is a great product. Keep up the great work!!"

A Very Happy Customer
Ben Johnston

"I got the nutshell 206 today; I am impressed by the efficiency of your service and the quality of the product.
Many thanks and best regards."

Jacques-M Decazes. (China)

"I just received my #231 cell phone case for my Motorola 720i. It took one week to get here. I think that was pretty darn fast. The quality of the case is as good as my nutshell PDA case. In fact, they look like they belong together on my belt. I've used your PDA case for a year now and it still looks as good as the day it arrived. You make a great product. I am sure I will be dropping your name to many who inquire as to it's make. Several have already asked what it was and where I got it. It's nice to still see pride and workmanship in the new millenium.



"I received it today. What timing.


"II received my order yesterday. The case fits my Handspring Treo perfectly, and I'm impressed by the quality of the product. It looks better than the pictures on your web site. Thanks again!:

Bob Porro

"I just received my Nutshell® for my new Pocket PC Phone Edition.


And I used to think New Zealand was only famous for making amazing movies, raising sheep and producing some of the most beautiful women in the world. Thanks,"


"Thank you , the service you have provided was wonderful and the custom belt clip is exactly what I wanted."

Robert Lotstein,
Managing Partner
Lotstein Buckman, LLP
5185 MacArthur Boulevard, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20016-3341

" All the things I carry have the steel belt clip and I think they are the best thing for people who work around equipment or in close quarters. Thank you and keep up the good work"

Larry Brooks

"Got it today. Thanks. It works great."

Robin Wyatt

"Wanted to take a moment and tell you what you already know. This case is great!!! I have used if for about a week now and I just love the fact that I do not have to carry anything in my hands. I never forget my PDA, since it always with me I never miss any appointments.

Thanks for a great tool. This case is all you say it is.

Kindest regards,"

Tony Forsythe

"Excellent service...excellent case! Received the case in 4 days from 1/2 way round the world! Thank you!"


"To whom it may concern ,

Number one, I received my nutshell case for my HP Pocket PC in record time. Thank you

Number two, I am impressed with the fine craftsmanship and how well it accommodates the unit. Fits like a glove.

Also, the belt loop versatility is a well thought idea since my other holder hung vertically and was wearing away the pants pocket seam of my expensive suits, quite annoying .

You guys obviously know what you are doing and the attention to detail is well appreciated .

PS: I searched hi and low for stores that carry pocket PC holders but found none like yours .

Do you sell your holders only online ? I see a market in New York City stores for this kind of quality. Thanks again , "


"Hi, I've got my item yesterday, that was fast! WOW, this is really good, the QUALITY, the color, and the style, just brilliant, it fits perfectly with my iPAQ. I am so happy for your product and service."

Heng Zhao

"Your company embodies something of what futurist Naisbitt calls "High-tech, High-touch", i.e., that in the increasingly cold, mechanistic world we live in there is a countertrend, a counter desire, to touch and feel natural things. I applaud you for acknowledging that need."

Steve Johnson,
Ten Speed Press, 1984 and republished 2001;

...St. Martin's Press, 1991.

"I just received my case for the dual-slot pc card expansion pack and I wanted to tell you how impressed i am with it. It is both sturdy in construction and appealing to the eye."

Greg Perry

"My revised Nutshell® case arrived today, and it fits my Treo perfectly.
Fabulous service... I appreciate it!"

Stephen Fleming

"Your web site link was attached to an e-mail I received from one of my
friends who had excellent comments to say about your products. I'm
impressed with the workmanship in my holster for my Jornada 548. I just
purchased a HP ipaq handheld and I want your holster for it. Your
products are solidly built and look sharp!"

Fred Green

"Thanks for the fast service. I really like your product."

Robert Day

"I am extremely pleased that your team is savvy enough to target a niche market such as leather cases for PDAs, and in particular, the Jornada 720 Handheld PC. I had searched far and wide for a leather case which was protective, well crafted, yet not to bulky. Yours, as listed on the website, appeared to meet my requirements. Now that I have the product in hand, I see it more than meets my expectations. Thanks once again for all your assistance.

Jerod Rozier
SecureWay Directory Level 3
External 512-838-3464 Internal 678-3464

"I received my Nutshell® 026-00 Belt Clip Holster and am very happy with it. It is very well made, and I received it faster than I expected."

Customer : Yates, Ray
Customer no. : C1364

"Just got back into town from a weeklong trip... received the case... Absolutely thrilled with the product!!! Workmanship is superb... size is perfect.. Nutshell's customer service and responsiveness without question is the best!.."

Rich Wood

"I have tried every holster for my palm pilot and the only one that works for
me is yours. I have put it through every test and it has held up quite nicely. It was
well made. Thank You!! I seldom feel I get my money's worth, but this has been the exception."

Matt Servis
Chief Engineer
530 Shelburne Rd.
Burlington, VT 05401

"Thank you, and I am very pleased with your product. It is exactly what I was looking for."

Paul Schultz, RN, CEN
Clinical Coordinator
Emergency Department
Charlton Methodist Hospital
3500 Wheatland Road
Dallas, TX 75237-3460

I have purchased the Holster iPAQ 3600 Series with Dual PC Card Expansion Jacket Belt Clip (123)
I am very impressed and I am showing it off to many of my friends who own the same model. I hope this will lead to more sales for NutShell.

David Eno

My case arrived safely to my UK address. And it's really nice. Great product.

Hamish MacDonald

The case finally came today, and it's wonderful. I'll be back to shop again soon.

Arlene Ross
Miami, Florida, USA

Thank you for the information. I just ordered 5 more cases. Your cases are extremely well made and affordable. I have priced and demo'd 5 other cases, and yours is by far the best.

Brett Rizk

Ian- I just wanted to let you know that I have received the case which I ordered from (in black). Looks like a nice quality case. As you said, seems to fit fine with the silver slider in the 028 case.

My Nutshell, arrived in today's mail (2/20/01), super product, I am very pleased! Thank you both, for all the help processing my order. Your TUFF-AS-NUTS warranty, is a hoot.......had me laughing out loud for serveral is soooo refreshing to see a company that has this type of humor about its products!!

Linda @ Ocala, FL. USA

This order arrived today and I am very pleased with the case. After reading
your warranty, I will try to be more careful around polar bears (and
stampeding musk oxen).
Thanks for a great product.

I received my hard shell clip case this past Saturday, and love it! It is exactly what I was looking for. Much much tougher than any other case I've seen. I know I will have no worries about damaging my Palm IIIc when it's in this case. My Palm IIIc fits in it like nice and snug!

It arrived 8 calendar days after I ordered it. Pretty good since it had to travel half way around the world!

Matt @ Flower Mound TEXAS

The holster arrived yesterday. It was actually nicer-looking than I'd expected! My Jornada 548 fits perfectly inside of it.

Thanks for making such a sturdy product, and for your helpfulness with the order.


Mario @ New York

I received my holster, it is exactly what I needed.
Thank you very much, I'll spread the word.
Good Product!!

Clayton @ Ohio

"IT FITS" It's perfect, couldn't be better, I Love it.
Thanks for your concern, understanding, and bearing with me, and the credit.

Senior Scientist
Environment, Safety, and Health

My nutshell has arrived here in sunny England... It's good isn't it!
Many thanks

Pete @ Norton, UK

Hi there,
I ordered and received my Nutshell® Holster for my Casio E-11 , and I must say that it is a piece of art!. I was totally in awe.. of the quality.., I hate saying this but I almost find it to be more valuable than my E-11 itself :). You've done a great job. I work in an Electronics store.. selling palm pc's and I'll make sure to recommend your products to as many customers
as I can.

Adam @ Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I would like to use this opportunity to complement on the superb quality and functionality of your products.

Jim @ Hewlett Packard Japan

I received my case yesterday.
Let me take this opportunity to say thank you for all your assistance.
Most companies now a days, don't care about customer service. I would have
been told that the case does not come in the color I requested.
Your company went above and beyond the call of duty. Investigated the
possibilities, and was patient enough to wait for my decision.
The case I received is beautiful. It literally matches the color of my

Sal @

I got my case yesterday. Very nice!

Terry @ wordlink

I received the "Tuff as Nuts" case for my Nino. It was waiting for me
when I returned from a week out of town on business. And boy, it is
"tuff as nuts"! The Nino was a tight fit. So, I stuffed an AC adapter
that was twice the size of the Nino into it, and rub some oil for
baseball gloves on it. After two days, the Nino fit like a charm.
Nate @ Atlanta

Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your reply to the inquiry, I have
received my nutshell, it's beautiful and very practical. ( By the way I
didn't have any idea that it was coming all the way from New Zealand till I
had a look at your email address in my address book)
Thanks once again.


Received my cases. Well made and worth the price. I will use two of them and have given one to a staff member.
Thanks for the shipment.


Got the holster works very well. I've used a number of cases for PalmPilots (although not for the VII) and this is the best one I've tried. It is very comfortable to wear and is low-profile. This latter feature is missing from other holster-type cases, but is an important one because it adds to the overall comfort. It's a great product.

Michael @ Wichita State University

Thanks again, I am enjoying the case for my Palm CE computer

John Keelor @ B.C. Canada

Appreciated all the help. I will definitely be recommending Tuff-As-Nuts to anyone who mentions needing a computer case(s).

Sal @


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