"Your products are unsurpassed in the market - you are head-and-shoulders above all of your competitors. Thank you for your excellent craftsmanship and extraordinary products."

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10/3/2014 10:09 AM
" I am a Deputy Sheriff for a Metro Atlanta County, assigned to the Mounted Patrol Unit so just a regular day at the barn can be pretty rough on a case.
I highly recommend these cases to anyone who needs a case that will stand up to anything.

AG Campbell
Georgia, USA

9/2/2013 9:25 AM
"I've used your iPhone 4 case for years. Now I have a horizontal iPhone 5 case and there is nothing on the market like it. I have used cheaper cases and they end up being more expensive because they break. My Nutshell is one of the best investments I have made."
John Knight Moore, OK


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  Caring for your Nutshell

Only the finest calf-skin is selected to cover a Nutshell. This hide is designed to polish and age with use.

Our dye processes and finishes mean the leather needs little more than a wipe with a clean damp cloth.

If your leather case is subject to severe conditions, after wiping clean apply any light oil or wax, such as that used to clean wooden furnishings. This will nourish and enrich the natural oils and fat-liquors of the leather.

If your case is badly marked or scratched, use a certified brand of shoe polish to seal the damage, then wipe off using the above.

NEVER use solvents.

Remember that there are many leather preparations in the market. Any product recommended for use on leather furnishings will enhance the patina of your Nutshell. Ask your local retailer.

Because your Nutshell is made from Genuine Leather, it may be tight at first...you can very easily make it a perfect fit.

1. Gently dampen the case with water...DO NOT soak it!

2. Find an old computer power transformer, or something big and fat...and stuff it into your Nutshell.

Do not worry, you will not break your Nutshell!

3. Let the case slowly dry overnight.

The next day, remove the object from your Nutshell, and put your PDA back into it...for an easy fit that will only get better over time.

Cleaning Leather

Good general cleaning for leather is to use saddle soap.

Rub the soap in well with a damp sponge and when dry clean off with a soft cloth.

  • Petroleum Jely
  • 1 tablespoon on vinegar and 1 tablespoon of ammonia diluted with 3 3/4 cups (30 fl. oz.) of warm water.
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of borax mixed with 2 1/2 cups (20 fl. oz.) of warm water.

Apply any of the above with a clean cloth of sponge.

DOs and DONTs

  • Never use hot water on leather - it can distort of shrink.
  • Never use furniture polish, waxes, paraffin oil, shallac or varnish.
  • Do not saturate leather with water.
  • When cleaning or polishing, rub fairly briskly ...but not too hard.
  • Clean leather at least once a month and do not let dust accumulate.


After cleaning, rub briskly all over with a cloth dipped in raw linseed oil, glycerine or castor oil.
Rub in one direction only to avoid streaking.


Mix one part of hydrochloric acid with eight parts of water and, using an old paint brush, brush over mildew and hose off.

Rub well all over the stain with a liberal amount of vaseline or petroleum jelly. Leave for one hour, then wipe dry.

Caution: Do not get acid on clothes or skin.