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10/3/2014 10:09 AM
" I am a Deputy Sheriff for a Metro Atlanta County, assigned to the Mounted Patrol Unit so just a regular day at the barn can be pretty rough on a case.
I highly recommend these cases to anyone who needs a case that will stand up to anything.

AG Campbell
Georgia, USA

9/2/2013 9:25 AM
"I've used your iPhone 4 case for years. Now I have a horizontal iPhone 5 case and there is nothing on the market like it. I have used cheaper cases and they end up being more expensive because they break. My Nutshell is one of the best investments I have made."
John Knight Moore, OK


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Nutshell Leather Belt Cases
Tailored to Meet Your Needs
(This page explains what we offer.
It does not contain pricing information.)

 How to Choose your Nutshell

Case Options








Pouch leather belt case lays flat empty. Great for phones.

image shows pouch

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Pouch lays flat empty. Great for phones.

Like all Nutshell belt cases, each pouch may be plain, or be fitted with a belt clip or a belt loop


  Tab top belt case security prevents accidental loss.

image shows tab top

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Tab top security prevents loss.

Close with genuine Velcro or our own unique Shielded Magnet 


Full Flap belt case tugs down snug.

image shows full flap 

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Full Flap tugs down snug. Not recommended for devices with antenna or top loading headphone sockets (although the iPhone does work and the mag flap snugs down OK).

Close with genuine Velcro or our own unique Shielded Magnet

images shows strong steel belt clip

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Tuff 1.75" steel clip, riveted in. Perfect for belts and waistbands.

Great for jogging, sports, work, play, your life....


Multi-way Belt Loop on leather belt case. Slides on lots of different ways.

image shows strong leather belt loop

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Unique Multiway Belt Loop. Slips in your pocket or purse or slides on your belt in lots of different ways.

Also accepts belts to 1.75". Loop is securely sewn to case. Wear on your belt upright, sideways or angled left or right.



Add Front Pocket to belt case to store stuff in.

image shows elastic front pocket

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Add expanding Front Pocket to store stuff; earbuds, data, sim cards, etc.




Add pen loop to belt case to carry a standard ballpoint pen.

Image shows pen loop

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Add a pen loop - to store a regular BIC sized ballpoint pen.

If you want, we can add another loop, or modify this one to accommodate larger items. Ask during the checkout process; use the text box to tell us.




Snap a shoulder strap to your leather belt case - adjusts to fit you

image shows adjustable leather shoulder strap

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Add an adjustable leather shoulder strap, fits any body. and clips onto the case.

Images show Magnetometer readings with and without shielding


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Our unique two plate, one magnet Shielded Magnetic clasp on Tab or Flap prevents magnetic "leakage"  into the case and its device.

One plate blocks any magnetism from the device, while the other magnifies the strength to make the bond very hard to pull apart, yet it slides apart real easy.


 How to Choose your Nutshell

Once you have identified the Nutshell that fits your device, (use the search box on top right of every page) you get to tailor the case so that it is just right for you.

Select your Nutshell; an open top Pouch, or a case with a Security Tab (swings shut across the center of the case) or the full cover Flap (folds completely across the top of the case; makes the device less obvious).

Because of their size, some of our smaller cases may not offer a full flap. However, the tab we use on these cases more than adequately protects the device inside.

Work out how you want to close it.

If you get the Pouch there's no closing involved, but you can close the tab or the flap with either Velcro or our own unique Shielded Magnet, which minimizes magnetic leakage into the case and makes for a clasp that slides apart easily, but firmly resists being pulled apart.

You can have your Nutshell plain (just on its own) - or fixed to you with either a Belt Clip or a Belt Loop.

1. Our Belt Clip secures firmly to any belt up to 1.75" wide...or your waistband or pocket...with a super-strong ,always spring back, steel clip...and a steel D-Ring (just in case you believe in adding even more security -or you could choose to add our adjustable leather shoulder strap).

2. Our unique multi-way leather Belt Loop is securely sewn on; lets you wear your belt case on your belt anyway you want; upright or sideways, or slanted to the left or to the right.

Select any of the other options we offer; color, front pocket, pen loop or shoulder strap.

When you have completed your selection, proceed to checkout, select how you want us to ship and even send us any special instructions we may need to build your Nutshell.

With a Nutshell it does not matter if you are right handed or left handed.
Your device is always ready for use - no matter who you are.

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 See what others say about Nutshell

Please read our Customers Comments

Risk Management

 Chaos really does happen - and breakages can occur - often at the worst possible moment

Protection Plus

While the Pouch is great for quick-draw access, the Nutshell Security Tab Top provides great all round protection.

 For times when it really counts, the Nutshell Full Flap Belt Case delivers true security and protection plus.

 The Belt Loop angles to fit - most comfortably

Ultrasuede Lined Chaos Control

All Nutshell belt cases are lined with soft synthetic Ultrasuede to prevent scratching.

Uniquely Individual

Because all natural leather has its own markings, texture and color, every Nutshell is unique.

No two Nutshells are exactly the same.

Hand made

Because you get to design your own case, each case gets the individual attention it deserves. We build your case, when you order it.

If you request a case that is not a production item, we can make you a case, by hand, to meet the specifications you request. Ask us during the checkout process, and make sure to add the dimensions of the device you have. Depending on the complexity of your request, we will add a minimum $50 to your order, to cover the cost of a skilled leather crafts person.

All Nutshell Leather products are Tuff as Nuts strong.

Secure Trader

This site provides a safe and secure trading environment for our customers.

We use high 128-bit SSL encryption to transfer your order information between your Browser and our own secure internal payment processing processes.

We value your privacy.

Thank you for choosing Nutshell.